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Blue Ridge Tool & Machine Co. - Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

The high precision flow of the Waterjet can cut a variety of metallic or non-metallic materials such as stainless steel, felt, rubber, graphite, fiberglass, titanium and many more!  The materials are cut accurately, quickly, cleanly, and economically.

What Capabilities Do Our Waterjet Cutters Have?

  • Work Envelopes from 78" x 156"

  • Capabilities of cutting material from .001" thick up to 6" thick

  • Tolerances of Plus/Minus .003" are available in a 12" x 12" work envelope.

  • Material cutting capabilities up to 6" thick.

  • Good quality edges.  No heat-affected zones. 

  • Low material loss.

  • Omnidirectional: straight and contour cutting

  • No material work hardening.

Blue Ridge Tool & Machine Co. - Waterjet Cutting
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