Swiss Machining

Swiss turning combines high production and high accuracy to provide precise machining and quick turnaround.


This capacity machine offers unprecedented flexibility in addressing a variety of manufacturing requirements. Designed to provide quick job changeover from part to part using simple off the shelf O.D. and I.D. tools. A control offset system is standard to adjust center height during setup and running. This eliminates time consuming tool shimming and facilitates short runs.

Incorporating an automatic loading magazine type bar feeder allows for long uninterrupted production runs with no operator intervention.

High Accuracy

The sliding headstock and X Axis move on preloaded automatically lubricated linear roller ways to minimize stick slip, improve response and ensure thermal stability. These features mean built-in accuracy for years to come.

The main spindle motor is of a balanced hollow core design for less vibration, fewer moving parts, and quicker response in speed change. This design allows for close tolerance parts to be machined without drive train induced inaccuracies. There is no spindle drive train.

The guide bushing housing is mounted directly to the machine bed. Both units are of close grain vibration dampening cast iron.


7 axis cnc swiss type with live tooling on both main and sub spindles. Supports up to 1” diameter bar stock and automatically fed by MTA Tracer32 bar feeder


6 axis cnc swiss type with live tooling on main spindle. Supports up to ¾” diameter bar stock and automatically fed by MTA HM2037 bar feeder